DeHart Girls Go Fishing

DeHart Girls Go FishingA croaker don’t stand a chance with the DeHart girls. Fishing is in their blood. The local old timers would say they “heired it honest”. But dancing and cheering and music is their blood, too. Only God knows what the future holds but for now, as long as they like fishing with Daddy, I’m going to keep taking’em.

I think they’re headed in the right direction. Yesterday I was letting my 5 year old steer the boat on the way back from Banana Island and she looked up at me and asked if she could get a boat when she gets bigger. You know the old saying, “Take your kids hunting and you’ll never have to hunt for your kids,” well, that holds true for fishing, too.

By the way, as you can see in the photo, the concept of “leave’em in the water til I get there” don’t fly with them yet.

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