Where are all the drum?

I had the privilege of speaking to the Outer Banks Anglers Club again last night. They’re a great group of guys and gals, about a hundred strong now, with a variety of inshore and offshore interests. Find out more about the club at www.outerbanksanglersclub.com.

The topic was drum (redfish) fishing last night. Even though there are not many of the slot drum (18” to 27”) around this year I spent most of the time sharing tips, tackle and techniques for catching those guys. The biggest question of the night was where are they? The simplest answer is that some died over the last two winters, some left over the last two winters and there are still a few around. Unfortunately, the ones that are still around aren’t in Dare County. There’s been VERY few caught up here by some pretty good anglers. It’s not as good as in years past but there are some fish in the western Pamlico Sound and its tributaries. Now, for the good news, there’s no shortage of big drum and we’re approaching prime time for catchin’em in the sound. There are hundreds of places in the Pamlico to catch’em and the next 60 days are the best. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this. The fish will be bunched up and spawning during and through the next 2 full moons. If you want to plan a trip, my suggestion would be from 8/10 to 9/15.

I’ve included a few pictures from last night and a few of things to come.

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