Tree Planting For Wildlife: 3 Things You Need To Know

from Mossy Oak GameKeepers™ Field Notes Tree planting time has been here for everyone in the South, and will be cranking up soon further North.Raising trees is addictive like other gamekeeping activities, but it often seems folks who have never tried it...

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Chestnut Power

from Mossy Oak GameKeepers™ Field NotesNow that everyone's deer seasons are over, attention turns towards the bucks that made it through."Food plots that still have forage available can be good locations to get pictures but most are gone by February....

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The Quest for Fruit

from Mossy Oak GameKeepers™ Field NotesFruit trees need continuous care if they're going to remain productive. So many people have fruit trees on their property that have grown out of control."These people usually don’t understand the amazing tonnage a...

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3 Ways to Give this Year’s Fawns a Head Start

from Mossy Oak GameKeepers™ Field Notes"A good beginning to a fawn’s life is important. Most don’t realize that if you had two buck fawns born with equal genetic traits, but one buck fawn starts life in good standing with ample nutrition and low stress,...

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Dudley Phelps of Nativ Nurseries talks about Turkey Trees

There’s a Time and Place for Turkey Trees by Dudley Phelps Late every winter while the rut is winding to a halt, and the freezer is bulging at the seams, thoughts and daydreams transition from “what can I do for my deer” to “what can I do for the birds.” I think it’s pretty safe ...
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Trail Cameras – They’re not just for hunters

Learn to use Trail Cameras as a way to showcase the wildlife on your property. By Dave Edwards Certified Wildlife Biologist Tall Tines Wildlife & Hunting Consultants It’s that time of year. In most parts of the whitetails range, bucks are sporting full velvet...

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Getting Ready for Fall

by Austin Delano Mossy Oak BioLogic Field Services Manager The fall season always seems to take forever to arrive; we anticipate it so much through the hot months that it seems as though fall food plotting and archery season will never come. When it finally does come time to start preparing fields, hanging stands, ...
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