Time Again for the “Sultans of Spring”!

Spring Turkey HuntingAll eye’s are set on the calendar as we move quickly out of the winter doldrums into high hopes of the spring turkey woods.

I was driving North on Hwy 158 in Currituck County yesterday and saw 40+ birds in a field and it hit me, “Oh yeah Turkey season will be hear in no time”. I’m lucky to work with one of the best Turkey callers in the universe, Capt. Bryan DeHart, that rascal can call them back from the dead. Last year at a friends farm in Hertford County, we hit a double and I’m here to tell you, it was a classic. Two gobblers hung up at 50+ yards, and eventually bedded down in the woods right in front of us. Bryan was facing the opposite direction and having to do some funky Houdini move all twisted around so he could keep one eye on the birds and I’m crouched down about 15 yards away, frozen solid. They finally began to move again and as soon as the smaller one got one step into my wheelhouse I let him have it. He was flopping all around and as they do… they other Tom went on him. I heard Bryan whisper “Don’t Move” He unraveled and spun around to bag the second Tom while he was doing the funky chicken on his dead partner’s head. What a great hunt!

Send us your stories of the Turkey woods, we would love to post your pictures. Also as a reminder. we will have our drawing for the winner of the 2nd Annual “Blast and Cast” event this May. Three days of Turkey hunting and Rock Fishing on the famed Roanoke River.

Pictured above is Luke Quinn after bagging his Tom last year. Don’t forget to take a kid hunting this spring, they’ll love you for it!

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