The deer are starting to move!

The rut is on and the big bucks are starting to show up on camera and on stand!

Boy have we been waiting for this? All season long here in Eastern NC the word in the woods has been “where are the deer?” Hunt the acorns, they are in the cotton, hunt the fields they are on the acorns. Mornings are slow, it’s too hot, they are still nocturnal, I saw a hint of horns in the moonlight, it’s the October lull… man I’m ready for the rut. The next three weeks folks it is on, everyone I know is getting serious now, and don’t think the bucks are the only ones experiencing increased testosterone levels! This is the time of year when all the work, the preparations, the scouting, and the practice pay off. Come early and stay late, don’t miss a chance to be on stand, and remember to hunt the middle of the day.

Last year I was hunting an area where a big buck had been seen and was walking back to a ground blind set-up at 2PM, and BAM! Busted! Off he took and all I could think of why wasn’t I here earlier. In November my mind set changes too, does yours? In the early season my expectations are lower, if I see a deer that’s great, if not no big deal, but now, every time I’m in the woods my anticipation is sky high. Who cares if it rains, who cares if the wind blows, who cares if someone hunted there two days ago, it’s the rut and it’s anybody’s game! Hunt hard, hunt safe, but hunt, you can’t shoot the big boy at camp, and you can sleep after New Years.

Share your stories and pictures of “hunting the rut” by emailing us at Thanks and don’t forget to take a kid, they’ll love you for it!

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