The $500,000 Fish

Most of us have caught a few fish in our lifetimes and some of us are extremely passionate about fishing.   But have you ever caught one fish that was worth $500,000?

Well on Monday, the sportfishing boat Wolverine caught a 588.9 lb. blue marlin as part of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament in Morehead City, NC.  Being the first fish over 500 lbs., the team of anglers was presented with a check for $531,250 at the weigh-in.  The tournament will continue the rest of the week as teams’ battle for the largest blue marlin and other prizes.

This is the 61st annual Big Rock tournament with over 180 teams participating and a total purse of 2.87 million.  The odds of winning the mega millions lottery are about 1 in 258 million – the odds of winning the Big Rock are 1 in 181 this year.  Now you can get a mega millions ticket for $1 – the cost to enter the Big Rock is about $20,000 in entry fees and another $20,000 in expenses.

The tournament is a great experience for anglers and spectators.  Some of the nicest and most amazing boats in the world will be fishing in this tournament.  Maybe half will be handmade custom boats and most of these will have been made right here in North Carolina.  The craftsmanship and sheer beauty of these boats are amazing to behold.

You can monitor the daily fishing activities on the Big Rock website and Facebook.  Catch a day that they are bringing a large blue marlin to the scales and it is a sight to see.  You can get a chance to experience one of the true monsters of the ocean – up close.  This is the kind of fish that people hook, but the fish is simply so powerful that they take all of your lines or simply break it off.  A fish that beats you.  This is the fish amazed by the likes of Ernest Hemingway.

Once you experience the atmosphere of the “weigh-in”, see the beauty of the boats, feel the spirit of competition and the fantastic fish – you may find yourself dreaming of a $500,000 fish.

By Charlie Britt

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