Thanksgiving – Be grateful for the blessings of family and friends.

Thanksgiving is upon us, good gosh where did the time go? The leaves have changed and are falling, the temps are falling and man…has the wind been blowing. Last week we were in deer camp and on stand one afternoon, it really hit me, how grateful I am for the life God has blessed me with. I have a beautiful wife, a healthy fun-loving son, a host of friends, five sisters, a brother and a great team of folks at Mossy Oak I can also call family.

Like most of us these days, work has been crazy, and I can get off track with what’s really important in a New York minute. Spending time outdoors helps with that, quiet purposeful reflection is key to tapping into God’s grace. It’s more important now then perhaps ever before in our lives that we gather together and celebrate our collective gratitude as Americans. We live in greatest country in the world, we have freedoms and opportunities that the rest of the world does not. Put religion and politics aside, love your neighbor as you would want to be loved, care for the needy, give of your heart and service to your community.

On a table in our foyer I keep a card that says, Love More, Forgive More, Open Your Heart. I have to look at it every morning when I walk out into the world, and more importantly when I walk back in from it. Hold your friends and family in your arms this Thanksgiving, spread your love, share your joy, and find some way to show your gratitude for all that God has given you. We are all blessed, so pass it on.

Don’t forget… be sure to take a kid into the woods with you this Holiday, they’ll love you for it!

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