Marketing Tips: Getting the Most From Your Listing

DSCN0450Under most circumstances these blogs pertain to buyers who are seeking to purchase their own piece of land and the outdoor experiences we are lucky enough to have on them. However, this blog is for the people who may be interested in selling a piece of land. Of course, potential buyers will still find these tips useful when searching for a tract of land.


It’s no surprise that in order for a showing to go well and a potential buyer to get an accurate feel for a piece of land they must be able to cover some ground. Cutting paths or mowing preexisting ones goes a long way. It is greatly beneficial to have a neat and well maintained property when it’s on the market. Just because it’s a piece of land doesn’t mean that aesthetics can be thrown out the window.

Accessibility: Having a survey that outlines exactly where the boundaries are is a huge plus with any buyer. The same goes for any access paths such as easements. Easements tend to scare off potential buyer because most people don’t deal with enough of them to have an understanding of how they work. Outlining their whereabouts, width, and procuring any other information you have about them can help a buyer make a well informed decision about a particular piece of land.

Being Flexible:

No property is 100% perfect. There are good and bad things about most listings. Everyone has their own opinions so it varies from buyer to buyer but having a realistic understanding of the pros and cons from a buyer’s perspective is key. Certain attributes may ensure that a property sells quickly and others may be a hindrance. As a seller, you need to know these things before putting property on the market. It’s a given that buyer will have time to research what they are buying before closing but the sellers need to know what they’re selling before putting a property on the market.

Work With Professionals:

We understand that not everyone may know the intimate details of a piece of land they are selling. I have worked with sellers who live across the road from their listing and others live across the country. This is where working with a real estate professional who specializes in land can help you. From lining up a survey, to getting a title search, to having paths mowed and maintained, we can navigate the channels necessary to assist with the listing, marketing, and selling of your property. If you’re interested in putting a piece of land on the market, you can trust America’s #1 Outdoor Brand to sell your property.

Andrew Walters

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